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OptoClear Technology – i.e. disc ironing.

In descriptions of a lot of Internet auctions and on websites which professionally deal with the regeneration of the optical carriers, you can find information that machines operated by such business units fill the surface of a disc (fill scratches). In the following article, we want to present, what actually the OptoClear technology is.
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Cleaning liquid Disc Clinic

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Cleaning liquid Disc Clinic is recommended for the everyday care of optical carriers and for the final cleaning after the regeneration process. A special formula guarantees high impurity and minor scratches resistance. Liquid is distinguished with both cleaning and lustering qualities. That is why, a surface of a carrier looks really good. The disc looks like new. We can also remove minor residues that have been made during the repair.  The Disc Clinic liquid is highly recommended to be used with the Disc Clinic cloth. Capacity of the plastic container: 60ml; cap with atomizer.

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 Manual Cleaning liquid Disc Clinic
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