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DVD carrier - structure and overall information

Creation of the DVD carrier was connected with the searching for a data carrier with the larger capacity than CD. The DVD is the most popular medium on the market. In the following article we describe its structure and the way it differs from the CD carrier.
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Especially for you we can prepare an online presentation of our products.

Not everyone of you has an opportunity to come to our company, so we decided to give you the chance of being in touch with us, via ONLINE (SKYPE). By means of this online presentation you can both observe how the machine works and you can ask us about everything what you want to know. more »
Fourteen days` test program

In care of our clients we introduced the fourteen days` test program for the professional disc repair machines which we have in our offer. This program is called "The guarantee of satisfaction". We prepared this program to offer our clients the best quality and to enable them return their devices in case they are not satisfied with usage of these devices. more »
New French polish Visko. Twice the capacity - twice the lower price!

The French polish Visko is ideal for the devices Disc Buddy and Doctor. Most importantly, the French polish Visko has twice the capacity of the Polish Compound - Standard and the lower price. more »
Service Door-to-Door

Service and guarantee support is available for all devices of Venmill and Azuradisc and will be implemented during the guarantee period. In the case of the problem with the proper functioning of the device, the product within 24 hours will be sent to us by the courier (DHL) at our expense. more »
New from Azuradisc! The Uno - Blu Ray

This is the latest machine in the Disc Clinic offer. After in September 2010 American company the Azuradisc withdrew the model 1600, which was very successful on the international market, the Uno had its premiere. The machine is fully compatible with the Blu Ray (PS3) carriers, as well as with all other types, which are available on market. more »
New home and professional products from Venmill Industries Inc.

Za sprawą nawiązania współpracy handlowej z firmą Venmill, oferta Kliniki Płyt powiększa się o cztery nowe urządzenia. Szczególnie polecanym urządzeniem, jest Buffer VMI3500, który do regeneracji nośników, wykorzystuje opatentowaną technologię OptoClear. more »
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