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DVD carrier - structure and overall information

Creation of the DVD carrier was connected with the searching for a data carrier with the larger capacity than CD. The DVD is the most popular medium on the market. In the following article we describe its structure and the way it differs from the CD carrier.
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VMI Hybrid 2.0

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The Hybrid 2.0 is the newest disc repair machine from VenMill Industries. Building on the success and popularity of the original Hybrid, the Hybrid 2.0 features an improved design and more aggressive repair to restore your discs faster than ever before. This small, easy-to-operate, and fully automated machine is capable of running 300+ discs per day. Advanced Hydro Optic polishing technology ensures a superior repair on all types of discs, including Blu-ray.

The Hybrid 2.0 is rated as a commercial duty unit, recommended for medium to large disc collections. This machine is the easiest of its kind to learn, operate, and maintain. The machine uses one set of pads in a one-step repair process. There is no need to manually apply repair solution to a disc; water and solution are automatically applied to the disc during the cycle. The operator only needs to*the disc,*the cycle length (30 seconds to 4 minutes), and close the lid. The disc comes out of the machine repaired, clean and ready to use.

Like the original Hybrid, the ultra quiet Hybrid 2.0 was designed with front-counter use in mind. New design features on the Hybrid 2.0 include a reinforced steel body, a larger, easier-to-clean catch tray, side access to the CH-chip, and an improved liquid distribution system.

Hydro Optic polishing technology efficiently removes even the most resistant of scratches. This unique process accelerates the natural effect of water and abrasive on the disc surface for a perfect repair. The Hybrid 2.0 features an improved liquid distribution system, resulting in a more aggressive repair in a shorter amount of time. The disc is smooth and ready to use as soon as the cycle ends.

The Hybrid Combo Pack includes all the supplies needed for 500 minutes of repair time. This combo pack is a kit with six pairs of polishing pads, six center hubs, two bottles of repair solution, a pair of nozzle extenders, and a CH-chip. One complimentary combo pack is included with the purchase of a Hybrid 2.0.


After testing in Disc Clinic

Our first impression were small size of machine and very elegant look, design worth XXI century. The machine have light weight and it`s construction is very well thought. Producer made sure that regeneration process is as simple as can be. We`re turning the machine on and here is the first surprise - the cover open automatically. We are putting in a medium scratched disc, setting 2 minutes cycle (machine points to standard type of disc) and closing the cover). Process starts automatically, electronic displey counts down seconds to the end of the regeneration. After end of the process the effect surpasses our expectations, disc is dry and shiny. After 2 minutes there is no trace of scratches. That`s all, we`re putting disc back to its box.

This machine is perfect for demanding people, who values quality, cleanliness and aestetics. Small size and quiet work of the machine let to locate it on desk or next to computer monitor. In our opinion it surpasses it`s opponent The UNO in many ways. It regenerates faster and final effect is at the comparable level. All seems to show that finally we have got machine, to which You will not find any objections.


Starter kit includes:

  • VMI Hybrid 2.0 machine
  • Instruction Manual
  • Hybrid Combo Pack contains all the supplies you need to operate your Hybrid machine for 500 minutes.

Technical specification:

  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Dimensions: 27,00 x 20,50 x 19,00 cm
  • Gross weight: 6,8 kg
  • Guarantee: 12 months
Net price: 1 525,00 €
Price (VAT included): 1 875,75 €
Availability: against order
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Product code: 154
Condition: New
Guarantee: 1 year
Type: One-step
 Manual VMI Hybrid 2.0
If you want to get a manual in pdf, please contact us
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