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VMI Hybrid

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Polish Compound - Visko

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Visko French polish is distinguished with improved efficiency and larger capacity of 1l in comparison with the Standard French polish. We pour the polish into a repair chamber of the unit, where it remains until the end of the machine’s operation. Emptying of the chamber is recommended every few dozens of the repairs or at the end of a workday in order to prevent deposition solid component on the walls and the bottom of the chamber. The French polish in the standard version lasts for about 120 optimum repairs, depending on the level of  the carrier’s damage and the necessity of the repair’s repetition. The liquid is environmentally friendly and it doesn’t irritate our skin. You should avoid drinking, contact with eyes, and for more safety- it is recommended to run the machine in the rubber gloves. The card of the substance’s characteristics is available on individual request.

It is recommended to stop an operation of the machine for about 5 minutes after approximately 15-20 minutes of work, until the polish cools down. If you don’t obey this rule, the disc may overheat and you can loose the data irreversibly!


  • Capacity: 980ml
  • Package: plastic bottle
  • Number of regenerations: up to 120
  • Gross weight: 0.98kg
Price (VAT included): 10,66 €
Net price: 8,67 €
Catalogue price: 20,33 €
Availability: at once

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