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Save Disc

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Save Disc – labels, which protect our discs against the breaks. Significant problem during the use of the discs is that they tend to break in their inner part. Such fractures get deeper as the time passes and finally they lead to the damage of recordable layer, and the disc becomes useless. Save Discs completely eliminate such damages, or if they have already appeared, Save Discs prevent from further spread of fractures. Metal, elastic material ensure the high damage resistance in various planes. Save Disc so significantly improves strength of a disc that it is possible to make its opposite edges meet without a break of the disc. This innovative solution also plays an aesthetic role. The label may be adhered either on the top or on the bottom of a disc. Moreover, we can print any content on a label and this way both mark and protect the disc against unwanted change of an owner. It is very difficult to remove the label.

We perform some monochromatic overprints, such the texts, numbers, logos, and quite simple graphic designs. Project of standard overprint (text) is included in the price of order. We can also print in several colors.

We can stick the labels to any type of optical carrier. It doesn’t cause any problems with playing the disc. The photos in the gallery section show a graphic instruction of adhering the label in 3 simple steps. In case of individual overprints, or multi-step designs, please contact us in order to get the information about possibility and terms of completing such order. Standard overprint is black. One packaging includes 100 Save Disc labels.

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