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New from Azuradisc! The Uno - Blu Ray

2010-10-13 | Print page | Change font size: A A A

This is the latest machine in the Disc Clinic offer. After in September 2010 American company the Azuradisc withdrew the model 1600, which was very successful on the international market, the Uno had its premiere. The increasing technological development, introducing the Blu Ray carrier, and the growing requirements of customers caused that the multi-step devices aren’t so popular for customers any more and they have to give place to the more advanced machines, such as The Uno. We describe several the most significant technological solutions that have been applied in this innovative machine:

New! Quick Load 2 the disc spinners are now built within the lid system and contain a floating spring mechanism that automatically maintains pressure from disc to disc. This new design eliminates the need to tune the machine differently for PS 1 or other disc types that would normally require an adjustment. This means you can repair ALL disc `s types in one MACHINE without tuning! This also allows you to repair the same discs multiple times without the machine adjustments. This is by far the easiest load / unload system available for the desktop disc repair machines. New in Version 2 (Quick load 2) is virtually maintenance free, one setscrew access, machined with precision 6061 grade aluminum, hard coated. All of these industrial strength components guarantee a reliable performance and the ease of  the use.

New! Dual Sealed Ball Bearing System. We have upgraded the spinner mechanism to handle 2 sets of bearings. Such solution does not only create a smoother operation, it also increases the operational life of the head. These new bearings are now expected to last 2-3 times longer than in case of the previous system, while also running quieter and longer than ever before and on top of all that they are virtually maintenance free!

New! Final Auto Finish Pad It is built into the process of the regeneration; this is not an additional step. Not only does this machine remove deeper scratches in less time than any previous design, we went one step further and added a final finishing pad. This special pad polishes and wipes the disc during the drying cycle, removing the liquid and polishing the surface like new finish. Until now, auto-wiping feature was only available in the expensive machines priced at PLN 9000 and up. The discs come out so clean and dry after the regeneration, you can place them straight into the case, or if you want to wipe them, just dust them off with a dry cloth. No more wet discs or need to spray and wipe off messy compounds. The discs look like new directly after the repair process is finished!

New! Automatic Mixer - A.T.L.A.S.T., (Auto Timed Liquid Abrasive Suspension Technology). This is a new breakthrough system that makes the deep scratches removal and the final finishing possible in a single step. Not only does it eliminate the need to shake your polish liquid, it actually keeps the abrasive material suspended during the repair cycles. Liquid abrasives, that are designed to remove the deep scratches, typically settle too quickly, the deeper scratch you want to remove, the heavier the abrasive content, and the more often you have to shake it up to get the aggressive repairs. Until now a highly concentrated abrasive formula was impractical to use. Now after years of the researches, we found timing the exact suspension is critical to match up with the chemistry and thermal properties of the liquid abrasive. The result is this new breakthrough system that makes an operation a breeze. To make the system work, we not only developed the Auto-Mixer, we actually redesigned the liquid formula (Policool 4.0). The result is that you don`t have to remember to shake the liquid. A microprocessor turns the mixer on and off automatically. The liquid abrasive is returned to the cartridge at the end of the process. ATLAST! Is a simple solution we have all been waiting for! (Source: Azuradisc Inc.)

After the tests in Disc Clinic:

We received form the manufacturer one of the very first test machines at the beginning of September. The Uno looks as if it had smaller capabilities than it actually offers. Small dimensions in comparison with the Dual Disc II, which lent the major regeneration technology, may misinform about capabilities of this compact unit. First contact... and to my surprise, I can see the most up-to-date technologies in the field of the disc regeneration after I have opened the cover and side doors. New sealed system, which makes the assembly of a disc really easy, A.T.L.A.S.T. technology, which joins the quickened, the more accurate regeneration process (that replaces a multi-step process) and the automatic mixer, which continues to maintain the PoliCool in the optimum condition in order to start the regeneration process, are just some of these particularly helpful news. Let’s start then! We assemble a scratched disc in the machine- as I have mentioned before, the process is a piece of cake – click… and the disc is ready to be repaired. The disc isn’t severely scratched, these are rather average scratches, and so I decide on the shortest mode of 30 seconds. After 30 seconds, the disc has been repaired to its factory features- there are no scratches and the surface is perfectly smooth and shiny. What is even more important, I don’t have to use any cleaning liquid, as the disc is dry. The only thing I should do to achieve a final wipe, is two wipes with the Azuradisc cloth. Now it’s time to check, whether the unit is good at the removing of the extreme scratches! I do scratches on a disc with a kitchen knife, and additionally, I rub the disc against a wall several times. After the longest cycle of 180 seconds, the disc looks flawless. All the scratches have disappeared and the surface, just like in case of the other disc, is unexceptional. To sum up, for the first time in my life I have tested a complete machine, which not only removes the scratches simply perfectly, but it also definitely minimizes the service time. The machine is fully compatible with Blu Ray (PS3) carriers, as well as with all other types available on market. If God created the disc regeneration machine, he would look up to heavenly The Uno.

The test was conducted by: Krystian Kowalik – Disc Clinic

Starter kit includes:

  • The Uno machine
  • Instruction Manual
  • Cartridge PoliCool v. 4.0
  • Disc’s cleaning liquid Azuradisc
  • Azuradisc Logo Micro Fiber Cloth

Technical specification:

  • Voltage: 220 V
  • Power: 200 W
  • Dimensions: 34.3x20.3x38.7 cm
  • Gross weight: 15.8 kg


  • Office: +48 530 399 900

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