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OptoClear Technology – i.e. disc ironing.

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OptoClear technology is the invention protected by the patent and then used only in the machines produced by American manufacturer the Venmill. Thanks to this technology, a disc may be repaired without any limits because its protective layer doesn’t get “thinner” during the regeneration process. In other words, a polycarbonate layer isn’t grinded as in other regeneration methods. An example of a professional machine that applies this technology is Buffer VMI3500 (this is the type of the machines usually used by companies that offer the regeneration services).

How are then the scratches actually removed, if the protective layer is not mechanically grinded? The answer given by numerous "specialists" is that this protective layer is filled- nothing more wrong. If someone interprets the OptoClear technology this way, we can certainly say that he doesn’t know the subject at all. The gold mean, which refills damages in an optical carrier’s protective layer hasn’t been invented yet. This would require an outstanding precision, lab tools, and the sterile environment.

In the simple words, the OptoClear may be compared to „disc ironing”. It means that under the high temperature,  a polycarbonate layer melts down and the scratches on the surface of a carrier are smoothed or in other words- they come to their original shape. The whole process is completed with gentle polish in order to obtain a shiny, flawless surface.

The method is innovative and besides the possibility to repeat the task without any limits, it also has other advantages, e.g. the totally non-service requiring machines, true elimination of a lot of maintenance materials. The regeneration costs have been significantly reduced and the running of the machine is clean because liquids and pastes have been eliminated. Unfortunately, the OptoClear technology has some disadvantages, too. The minor scratches can`t be mechanically removed but only deformed. However, the deeper scratches are problematic, as here the protective layer is mechanically damaged, so we can talk about loss (if the scratch is made with a sharp tool, polycarbonate is removed from the protective layer). In this case, although a carrier is repaired many times, the scratches cannot be removed. That is because; there is a loss of the material, which would be “ironed” to its original condition. That is why; the Venmill Company created another complementary device called WorkMate, which grinds a protective layer gently until the heat treatment of a surface is possible.

You can see a film made by the Venmill Company, which illustrates in really simple way the technological process of  the OptoClear.



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