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Dual Disc II

Dual Disc II is the second generation of the machine Dual Disc, which was available on the market in 2007-2008.

After the huge market success of the Dual Disc and the need of developing machines in direction of the new Blu Ray format carriers’ regeneration, the new model of the machine was created - Dual Disc II.

The machine repairs simultaneously two discs. Micro-abrasive liquid (PoliCool™) is constantly pumped into a polishing head, what makes the regeneration balanced and the disc doesn’t overheat. The PoliCool v4.0 ™ liquid returns to a tank at the end of the regeneration process and leaves the disc dry and ready to put it into an envelope. The only thing you can do is wipe it witha dry cloth. You are able to repair up to 800 discs without replacing of the maintenance materials. Another significant fact is low cost of the discs` regeneration, which is, according to the manufacturer, about 25 Polish cents.

Following technological solutions have been implemented in Dual Disc II:

"Quick Loading System" - a really innovative solution, which enables a quick assembly of a disc in the machine, and the simultaneous repair of the various formats’ discs, e.g. Blu Ray disc on one and PS1 disc on the other side.

"New Digital Control Panel" - Electronic Control Panel, which enables the conducting of the regeneration process with just one button. It has the additional functions, such as:

"New Polish Pad" - a new structure of a polishing shield (cap) that enables the Blu Ray discs’ regeneration and changed, in comparison to the previous version, assembly a system from laminated into Velcro.

Moreover, improved and enforced components have been implemented in the machine, among other things stainless steel bearings, which ensure twice a longer trouble-free performance and make the work much quieter.

Dual Disc II uses PoliCool cartridge in the regeneration process, in current versions 3 and 4 fully compatible with the Blu Ray carriers. The prices and the technical details you can find in Maintenance Materials section.

After the test in Disc Clinic:

There have been implemented numerous modifications in comparison with the Dual Disc I version. Time of  the disc`s regeneration has been improved, the machine has been adapted for the high definition Blu Ray format, systems of assembly of the disc and maintenance materials have been changed, major electronic and mechanic components have been modified, too. The look has also changed. The Dual Disc looks more aesthetic and its size is smaller than in case of its antecedent. The use is very simple and intuitive. The assembly of a disc and the initiating of the regeneration process is trouble-free. All service tasks are done with the water-resistant control computer, which displays messages informing about a current operation and the level of the PoliCool cartridge use. The quality of the repair is - as we are used to by American manufacturer the Azuradisc - perfect! It is definitely recommended for purposes of the current maintenance of the discs in the video shops or the stations of the games exchange, as well as for the purely commercial purposes.

The test was conducted by: Krystian Kowalik - Disc Clinic

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