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VMI 3500 Buffer

Buffer, as commonly called, or VMI3500 in technical nomenclature is back in our offer after several years of the break. That is due to a new format of the high definition Blu Ray. In the previous formats, such as CD and DVD, the Buffer`s efficiency of the repairing of the major scratches was low and the price was quite high. Now, the new patented OptoClear technology has found a new application. A structure of the modern high definition carriers, due to their very thin protective layer, requires the use of the technologically more modern regeneration method. Methods that have been used so far are very effective, but they treat the carrier quite radically. All of these are efficient in case of  the older types of the carriers, but in case of the Blu Ray discs, there is a high risk of damaging of the protective layer and losing performance of the carrier. The OptoClear uses the process of the heating of a disc`s surface and the „melting”  of the mechanical damages to the original, smooth condition. To show it in the more figurative way, the method may be compared with the ironing. We smooth out all deformations on the surface of fabric with an iron. The process of the repair in the Buffer machine is similar. That is why; we don`t have to worry about the effect of a disc’s repair and its performance, as the protective layer isn’t being damaged. We still need to work out the efficient method of the older types of the carriers’ repair in order to feel completely satisfy. That is why; the American company the Venmill developed a complementary device called WorkMate, which operates on the basis of the multi-step repair that initially removes heavy scratches and the Buffer finally makes the disc look like a new one.

The Buffer is distinguished among other professional machines with its tidiness during the maintenance. We don’t need any wet substances during the regeneration process. That is why, a performance of the machine is fast, dry, and aesthetic. An another advantage is quality of the Buffer’s components. A cover looks like a PC workstation, it is nicely painted with metallic colors, the drawer, where we have a scratched disc, is fully automatic.

After the tests in Disc Clinic:

Maintenance is the greatest advantage of this machine. We mount a disc in the machine in a very simple way, starting the repair process is also easy and performed with just one button. Thanks to a dry method of the operation,  the maintenance of the equipment is limited to necessary minimum. Moreover, the very quiet work is a meaningful quality of the Buffer. The repair process of minor scratches lasts 30 seconds and medium scratches- 60 seconds. An important disadvantage is the device’s total ineffectiveness in case of the deep and extreme scratches. That is why; it is necessary to complete the machine with the WorkMate, which enables the repairs of the discs in every plane, in order to achieve  the perfect performance results.

The test was conducted by: Andrzej Tokarz - Disc Clinic

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