Fourteen days` test program

In care of our clients we introduced the fourteen days` test program for the professional disc repair machines which we have in our offer. This program is called "The guarantee of satisfaction". We prepared this program to offer our clients the best quality and to enable them return their devices in case they are not satisfied with usage of these devices.

Because the products included in our offer are not popular and our clients may not know them ( how the machine works, effectiveness,usability), we give our clients an opportunity so that they can test their devices for fourteen days. If there are some differences between the description of the products in our offer and their effectiveness, the client has the right to give back the machine in  14 days ( time is counted from the date of buying).

The target of the program "guarantee of satisfaction" is to familiarize our clients with the professional disc repair machines and the results of regeneration  of the optical carriers and to check if the effectiveness of the devices is not different from their descriptions published in catalogues of our products and on the websites of our online shop.