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DVD carrier - structure and overall information

Creation of the DVD carrier was connected with the searching for a data carrier with the larger capacity than CD. The DVD is the most popular medium on the market. In the following article we describe its structure and the way it differs from the CD carrier.
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The calibration of the machine Dual Disc II
The calibration of the machine Dual Disc II is very important. If you want to learn about it, watch our film, which you can find in this article.

It is very important to adjust the mechanical pressure in the machines. If this pressure is too low, the machine won`t repair the scratched discs. If it is too strong, the maintenance materials can be used too fast.

If we see that our machine doesn`t work well, we should carry out the calibration.

To this process we need: a screwdriver, an Allen key, a pin and pliers.

If we have all these tools, we can start carrying out the calibration.

In this film you can learn all about this process.

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